Empowerment Technology

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Empowerment Technology by Mind Map: Empowerment Technology

1. 7: Online Platforms for ICT Content Development

1.1. Social Media Platforms

1.1.1. Facebook

1.1.2. Twitter

1.1.3. Instagram

1.2. Blogging Platforms

1.2.1. Wordpress Creating Own Blog Using Wordpress 1.SIgn up 2.Register Another Blog 3.Create Blog 4.Change your Blog Description 5.Choose Apperance 6.Select Free 7.Click Activate 8.Customize Your Site

1.2.2. Tumblr

1.2.3. Blogger

1.3. Content Management System

1.3.1. Blogs

1.3.2. News Website

1.3.3. Shopping

1.4. Cloud Computing

1.4.1. Advantages no need to install saves hard disk space

1.4.2. Disadvantages more prone to hacking limited control over the infrastructure itself

2. 8: Basic Web Page Creation

2.1. WWSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

2.1.1. Microsoft Word Creating a Website Using Microsoft Word 1.Open Microsoft Word 2. Type Anything 3.File to Save us to Browse 4.Locate and Create New Folder 5.Specify The File Name 6.On the Save Us, select Web Page 7.Click Change Title 8.Click OK then Save 9.Check Files

2.1.2. Jimdo Creating a Website Using Jimdo 1.Create an Account 2.Pick Any Template 3.Enter email and password 4.Website will be Generated

3. 9: Collaborative ICT Development

3.1. Web Portals

3.1.1. Yahoo!

3.2. Online Collaborative Tools

3.2.1. Trello Using Trello for Online Collaboration 1.Create Trello Account 2.Create New Organization 3.Fill Information, click Create 4.Click on Members Tab 5.Click Send when Done 6.Create New Board 7.Click Create 8.Add a List 9.Label containing a Description 10.Click Down Arrow 11.Click Card Itself 12.Any Input will be seen by Anyone 13.Make sure All Task are Covered

3.2.2. Yammer

4. 10: Interactive Multimedia

4.1. Multimedia Content

4.1.1. Videos Inserting YouTube Videos on your Blog Post 1.Search any OPM songs 2.Click Share Button 3.Click Embed 4.Copy the Code 5.Create new post on WordPress then Click on the Text Tab 6.Paste Your Code 7.Go Back to Visual Tab 8.Preview then Publish

4.1.2. Sound, Music, or Audio

4.1.3. Online Games

4.1.4. Online Tests

4.1.5. Courseware

4.1.6. Podcasts

4.1.7. Vodcasts