Honors Pre-Calculus Unit 2 Part 1 Review

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Honors Pre-Calculus Unit 2 Part 1 Review by Mind Map: Honors Pre-Calculus Unit 2 Part 1 Review

1. Activity 9: Polynomials

1.1. What are the important features of a polynomial graph we typically identify?

1.1.1. How do we identify these components?

1.2. How do you identify key features WITHOUT using a graphing calculator?

1.3. What is multiplicity?

1.3.1. How does it affect a polynomial?

1.4. What are similarities/differences of zeros, x-intercepts, and factors?

2. Activity 10: Analyzing Polynomial Functions

2.1. What features of a polynomial function can help you sketch a graph?

2.2. What is the Rational Root Theorem?

2.2.1. Why/when do we use it?

2.2.2. How do we use it?

2.3. What is Descartes' Rule of Signs?

2.3.1. Why/when do we use it?

2.3.2. How do we use it?

3. Activity 11: Complex Roots and Inequalities

3.1. What is the Complex Conjugate Theorem?

3.2. What is the difference between factored and standard form?

3.3. How do you solve for zeros of a polynomial?

3.3.1. What are the difference between real/complex zeros?

3.3.2. When/why is the Rational Root Theorem useful in solving?

3.3.3. When/why is synthetic division useful in solving?

3.3.4. When/why is the Quadratic Formula helpful in solving?

3.4. What do polynomial inequalities tell us about a function?

3.4.1. What is the process to solve a polynomial inequality?

3.4.2. How do we write our answers to polynomial inequalities?

3.4.3. How does the initial problem set-up affect how we solve/answer a polynomial inequality (being less than versus less than or equal to)?

4. Instructions:

4.1. 1. Read/answer one of the given prompts for review of each activity with a subsection or comment of your own creation and/or

4.2. 2. Add your own question or comment to the map.

4.3. 3. Also add example questions to each section/answer other questions.

4.4. 4. Make sure you add your name to your addition/comment!