8 years old, Female, Caucasian

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8 years old, Female, Caucasian by Mind Map: 8 years old, Female, Caucasian

1. Social Emotional

1.1. Takes better care of certain things

1.1.1. Shows dismay when personal expectations are not met Plays in groups in unorganized fashion, tattletales frequently, and shows poor sportsmanship Desire a place of his / he own to keep possessions

2. Hygenial / Self - Help

2.1. Lacks concern for cleanness

2.1.1. Exhibits fatigue often Dresses with ease and speed: however messy Dresses oneself when clothes are selected and ties show laces

3. Language

3.1. Uses correct punctuation and grammar

3.1.1. Limits exaggeration and description of occurrences Objects to unfair situations Reads biographies, mysteries, encyclopedias, and comic books

4. Motor Skills

4.1. Sits awkwardly and slouches

4.1.1. Adapts to posture according to task: i.e. sitting, standing, stooping, bending Demonstrates fast movements in running, jumping, chasing, and wrestling Uses scissors with increase of speed and eye - hand coordination

5. Cognitive

5.1. Displays factual interest in categories and seriation; i.e. state flags, military rankings

5.1.1. Is able to multiply through 9's Memorizes simple additions and subtractive combinations Classifies one or two syllable words, long and short vowels, size, shape, and use of objects