Roman occupation of Britain

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Roman occupation of Britain by Mind Map: Roman occupation of Britain

1. 54BC Julius Caesar visits British Shores

2. History

2.1. 43AD Roman invasion beginning of Roman Britain

2.2. 139AD Construction Antonine Wall

2.3. AD 275 Increas in Saxon raids on South East British Coasts

2.4. 395AD Roman Empire divided into 2 parts

2.5. End of Roman Britain

3. Language

3.1. The oldest layer words

3.1.1. war mil (mile)

3.1.2. trade ceapian (to trade) ceap (deal) ceapman (trader)

3.1.3. units of measurement pund (pound) flasce (flask) ynce (inch)

3.1.4. food win (wine) ciese (cheese) butere (butter) pipor (pepper) plume (plum)

3.1.5. home life cytel (kettle) (котелок) cuppe (cup) pyle (pillow)

3.2. The second layer

3.2.1. religion apostol (apostle) deofol (devil) antefn (anthem) maesse (mass) (месса) biscop (bishop) mynster (minster) candel (candle) munuc (monk) clerec (═clergyman) (clerk) preost (priest)

3.2.2. schools scol (school) (школа) scolere (scholar) maξister (master ═учитель)

3.3. miscellaneous borrowings

3.3.1. names of trees & plants elm, lily, pine, pear, mint, fennel (укроп), rose, plant.

3.3.2. illnesses & words pertaining to medical treatment: cancer, fever, plaster.

3.3.3. names of animals camel, elephant, tiger, mule

3.3.4. names of clothes & household duties cap, mat, sack (мешок), sock, silk.

3.3.5. names of foods beet, oyster, radish