Greenhouse design

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Greenhouse design by Mind Map: Greenhouse design

1. Improving crop varieties and planting techniques

2. Cause-irrevesrible crop damage when consecutive days of overcast weather or an extended period of cold weather occurs

3. Classification

3.1. Glass

3.1.1. It is suitable for various regions and climatic conditions, has a long service life

3.2. Plastic

4. Application

4.1. Agriculture

4.1.1. Lower price

4.1.2. High solar radiation

4.1.3. More efficient productivity

4.2. Space missions

4.2.1. Withstand the high ultraviolet radiation

4.2.2. Low pressure

4.2.3. Wetland/dryland

4.2.4. Low temperature

5. Background

5.1. Enivronmental factors

5.1.1. Temperature

5.1.2. Humidity

5.1.3. Daylighting

6. Sequestration of Greenhouse gas(GHG)

6.1. Abnormal climate

6.1.1. Animals lose their habitat

6.2. GHG produced

6.2.1. CO2

6.2.2. NOx

6.2.3. CH4

6.2.4. N2O

6.3. Enivronmental hazards

6.3.1. Sea level rise

6.3.2. It has advantages of light weight,low skeleton material cost and low shading rate.

6.3.3. Land drought

6.4. Control method

6.4.1. Increase the desertification area

6.4.2. Improving the efficiency of energy production, transformation, distribution and use.

6.4.3. Developing renewable energy such as water,wind,solar energy and biological energy

6.4.4. Improving the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer.

7. Material

7.1. Advantages

7.1.1. Enivronmental friendly

7.1.2. Cost-effcient

7.1.3. Recycling

7.1.4. Durability

8. Structure

8.1. Local Characteristics

8.1.1. Mediterrarean

8.2. Natural disasters

8.2.1. Snow

8.2.2. Earthquake Referring to Bombay Sapphire distillery which uses waste heat generated in distillation of liquor to provide a warm environment for plants

8.2.3. The decrease of bearing capacity of foundation or liquefaction of soil cause the collapse and destroy of greenhouse