My Proffessional Life

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My Proffessional Life by Mind Map: My Proffessional Life

1. What I need from my job

1.1. Can sell my skills and experience (create educational projects)

1.2. Beneficial for humans and animals alike

1.3. Can create new organisms or alter existing ones to facilitate biodiversity conservation

1.4. Intellectually demanding

1.5. Can create independent personal career without the dependency on governmental funding

1.6. Can carry out own projects and sell the results

1.6.1. Consequently, it is and R&D field

1.7. Salary > 70k euros/year

2. My Career Route

2.1. Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Master (Applied Math and Informatics) Thesis related to conservation 2020-2022

2.1.1. PhD in Conservation Synthetic Biology 2022-2025 (35 лет)

2.1.2. Job in synbio biotech company working towards conservation or sustainability goals to get experience, CREATE NEW CREATURES TO MAKE THE EARTH A HEALTHIER PLANET

2.1.3. Write a book about synbio in conservation biology and sustainable devlopment

2.1.4. Create a course on how to develop synbio research for cb and environmantal biotechnology

2.1.5. Participate in iGEM with deextinction project

2.1.6. Be a professor of synthbio in a top university

3. Variants

3.1. Sustainable synbio

3.1.1. Possible research and development directions Restoring past genetic diversity, de-extinction Human-animal bonds development Increase intelligence and facilitate domesticetion of wild species to cooperate with humans to solve problems Synthetic organisms in agriculture to avoid toxic chemicals use Facilitated adaptation and immunisation against devastating pandemics Bsal, Bd, Whitenose etc. Synthetic organisms in land bioremediation

3.1.2. Side-projects DIY bio labs and educational courses Sell cynbio organisms to get funding