Integrate Silicon in Banana-K trials

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Integrate Silicon in Banana-K trials by Mind Map: Integrate Silicon in Banana-K trials

1. Rate, place and timing

1.1. Rate

1.1.1. 300 kg per ha yr

1.2. timing

1.2.1. Twice a year

1.3. placing

1.3.1. Not discussed

1.4. source

1.4.1. granular, amorphous Si

1.4.2. contains 90-95% is Si02

2. previous results and current expectations

2.1. what would you expect from working with us on this?

2.1.1. opportunities for accessing the market in East Africa

2.1.2. Any information of how to register a product in Uganda

2.2. Resutls

2.2.1. banana Musa Acuminata (AAA) significant effects on height and LAI

3. Action points

3.1. schedule for Silcon at

3.1.1. suggest plan

3.2. share the protocol of how it was applied (share that report)

3.3. share the chemical composition

3.4. plan with winnie

4. attendants

4.1. Odd

4.2. Grace

4.3. Hannington Bukomeko

5. shared email

6. 300 kg/ m3 bulky density of the fertiliser




7.2.1. K;LAKJ