Teaching Philosophy

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Teaching Philosophy by Mind Map: Teaching Philosophy

1. Assessments and Preparation

1.1. assessments help find where students need help

1.2. preparation for the classroom is vital to the students learning experience

2. Group discussion

2.1. get students involved in topics

2.2. Students learn a lot from classmates

3. Communication

3.1. answering questions

3.2. having open after class hours

4. Access to technology in the classroom

4.1. access to much more learning material

4.2. gives students skills for future jobs/ life

5. Positive setting and Attitude

5.1. Positive attitudes in the classroom can make students eager to learn

5.2. the classroom setting is important to how the kids will learn, a positive bight class is best

6. Different learning styles

6.1. include different teaching techniques to cater the needs of all students

6.2. ex. hands on, notes, group work