Team sports or individual sports?

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Team sports or individual sports? by Mind Map: Team sports or individual sports?

1. cost

1.1. to much time spent on depending on others to do their job

2. Difficulty

2.1. dealing with untrusted players can create

3. Difficulty

3.1. More reading; writing under time-constraints

3.2. More intellectually demanding

4. team

4.1. Purpose

4.1.1. Cooperate as a team to achieve common goal of winning.

4.2. advantages

4.2.1. builds trust and takes weight off of one individual

5. Individual

5.1. Purpose

5.1.1. push yourself to achieve a better stand point on your skills and personal success

5.2. cost

5.2.1. time spent alone working on perfecting skillss

5.3. advantages

5.3.1. able to enjoy the time spent with others working on similar goals

5.3.2. overall enjoyable time spent practicing the sport