Creation Myths

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Creation Myths by Mind Map: Creation Myths

1. The Woman Who Fell From the Sky

1.1. The Woman Who Fell From the Sky takes place on earth no specific place given

1.2. There is Sky Woman, Earth Woman daughter of Sky Woman, Good Twin and Evil Twin both children of Sky Woman

1.3. Humans where created from the dirt at the feet of Good Twin he created figures that looked like him and his mother then he birthed the wind of life into their nostrils.

1.4. In this story humans were never destroyed just created

1.5. Greek/Roman Creation, Ages of Man,Creation, Death, and Rebirth (Hindu Myth), Creation and the Fall are like The Woman Who Fell From the Sky all have more then one all powerful being.

1.6. The Iroquois respected the sun and the moon because they believed that they were part of Earth Woman

2. Noah and the Flood

2.1. The location of Noah and the flood takes place on Earth with no specific location given.

2.2. There is only one god God

2.3. In this story it does not say how humans where created

2.4. The human race was wiped by a massive flood.

2.5. Noah and the Flood is related to other myths like the Greek/Roman Creation in that the human race was wiped out by a flood

2.6. A Common theme of this story is that we should be good and pure of heart

3. Creation, Death, and Rebirth (Hindu Myth)

3.1. Like the other creation Myth we now it takes place on Earth thought we do not know where.

3.2. The Gods in the Hindu Creation Myth are Vishnu, Rudra

3.3. The Hindu Creation Myth does not say how man was created but that they were.

3.4. First Vishnu would evaporate. Then a great drought and scorching fire will make a wasteland.

3.5. The Hindu Creation is like the Greek/Roman Creation, Ages of Man, and Flood because they both had gods that used fire to destroy the Human Race

3.6. A big thing to ancient Hindu was Karma it was thought that if you had good karma you could rank up in your next life

4. Creation and the Fall

4.1. The Creation and the Fall takes place in the garden of Eden which is somewhere on earth

4.2. There is only one god God

4.3. Man was created from the dust of the earth and the breath of life woman was created from the rib of man

4.4. God never destroys man in this creation story just cruses them because they eat from the tree of knowledge.

4.5. A connection Between this and the Woman Who Fell From the Sky is that Humans were not destroyed.

4.6. A symbol in this story is the tree of knowledge and the serpent.

5. Greek/Roman Creation, Ages of Man, and Flood

5.1. Greek/Roman Creation, Ages of Man, and Flood takes place in Greece and Rome their is now specific place given

5.2. The Greek and Roman Creation story has many Gods. But the primary Gods Gaea, Uranus, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

5.3. Like a lot of other creation myths it does not say how humans were created just that they were and Zeus created the other races

5.4. The Gold age died on its own. The Race of Silver was killed by Zeus. The Bronze Age died do to the fact that they were at constants war. The Age of heroes never trouly died they were moved to a island at the end of the world. The Age of Iron was not destroyed.

5.5. Greek/Roman Creation, Ages of Man, and Flood is like Noah and the Flood because the gods saw man as greedy and not pure of heart. So they killed them

5.6. A common theme is that gods say that humans were not what they wanted so they destroyed them.