Empowerment Technologies

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Empowerment Technologies by Mind Map: Empowerment Technologies

1. Lesson 7 Online Platforms for ICT Content Development

2. Lesson 8 Basic Web Page Creation.

3. -Differentiate the Platforms available for developing web content. -Understand the purpose of these platforms and know the basics of using them -To enhance one's knowledge in the world of cloud computing.

4. -Create a web page using Microsoft Word -Create your own website using a free host -Design a website using a online WYSIWYG platforms -And edit and insert elements for their website.

5. Lesson 9 Collaboration ICT Development

6. Lesson 10 Interactive Multimedia

7. Use an Online collaboration tool to effectively monitor group task

7.1. Understand the advantages of using online collaboration tools and create a project that requires team member cooperations

8. Improve the interactivity of your website

8.1. Embed multimedia content from YouTube and create a viewer or costumer friendly experience for those who visit their website through multimedia content.