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APP by Mind Map: APP

1. personal

1.1. self improvements

1.1.1. finding love

1.1.2. getting fit

1.1.3. bettering yourself

1.2. contrasts

1.2.1. socially impaired

1.2.2. mentally impaired

1.2.3. crippled

2. functional

2.1. systems

2.1.1. points receives rewards after reaching point goal reach weekly goal monthly goal yearly objectives

2.1.2. rewards free sport equipment limits quality free snacks limits quality gift cards limits quality

2.1.3. Data inputs QR codes Name What is it program Facebook? location outputs points rewards when What is it program gets input goal points processes QR code scan Distance tracker friend tracker privacy impacts location tracker personal details

2.1.4. QR code interact with people adding as Friends friend rewards group goals collect points treasure hunt work out collection

2.2. contrasts

2.2.1. cost

2.2.2. time

2.2.3. coding limitations

2.2.4. overwhelming user

3. impacts

3.1. social

3.1.1. health improvement

3.1.2. making friends better social health less chance of being angry sad higher chance of meeting love

3.1.3. social group forming sense of community more sporting events

3.2. economic

3.2.1. more money

3.2.2. less people spending money on entertainment

3.2.3. sporting companies making bank

3.3. positive benefits

3.3.1. longer lifespans for people workers work longer

3.3.2. more active people

3.3.3. happier people

3.4. negative effects

3.4.1. indoor actives less conman playing video games watching movies watching youtube using social platforms

3.4.2. more like old Americans people look down on gamers etc nerd and geek become hurtful

3.4.3. crippled or weak miss out

4. non-functional

4.1. marketing

4.1.1. YouTube ads

4.1.2. TV ads

4.1.3. Newspaper ads

4.1.4. ads at events

4.1.5. news stories (9 News)

4.2. User interface

4.2.1. correct contrast

4.2.2. universal controls

4.3. usability principles

4.3.1. Availability and accessibility

4.3.2. Clarity

4.3.3. Learnability

4.3.4. Feedback

4.4. design

4.4.1. contrast

4.4.2. colours

4.4.3. patterns clarity learnability

4.5. contrasts

4.5.1. time

4.5.2. money

4.5.3. resouces

4.5.4. media

4.5.5. effort