Poverty's affect on a person's health.

Poverty's affect on a person's health.

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Poverty's affect on a person's health. by Mind Map: Poverty's affect on a person's health.

1. What types of health may it impact?

1.1. Mental, Physical, economical

2. What is poverty?

2.1. Six types of poverty; Absolute, Relative, Situational, Generational, Urban and Rural.

3. Persons in poverty are more likely to suffer with; Ill-health (physical & mental), Malnutrition, Infant & maternal health problems, Immune system suppression

3.1. stats to support from Wagstaff 2002 and Grant 2005

3.2. Poverty cycle's affect on ill health and vice versa

4. Poverty leads to mental health issues such as depression and schizophrenia which show symptoms of alcohol abuse and drug abuse

4.1. What is depression and what leads to it in terms of poverty?

4.1.1. What leads to depression and substance abuse? Is it poverty (nurture) or is it genetic (nature) Or both diathesis stress model depression and its symptoms affects many aspects of life and therefore health. which way does the poverty cycle go depression leads to poverty and not vice versa- due to maladaptive behaviours it leads to -coping mechanisms