WMDs & Iraq

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WMDs & Iraq by Mind Map: WMDs & Iraq

1. Bush Administration VS. Saddam Hussein

1.1. Claimed there were terrorist connections in Iraq

1.2. Feared that Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction

1.2.1. Chemical & biological warfare had been used by Iraq in the past.

2. 9/11 = War on Terror

3. UN sent in investigators who completed inspections (2002-2003) = Found no evidence of WMDs.

3.1. U.S. is scared that Hussein has been able to keep the WMDs hidden. Wants to send in troops. UN says "no" so U.S. forms a coalition anyway and invades Iraq (March 20, 2003)

4. Coalition forces take control of Baghdad.

4.1. Saddam hides out.

4.1.1. Fighting continues. Hussein is found Dec. 13, 2003. Tried and hanged in 2006.

5. Fighting continued even after Hussein was hanged. Iraqis DO NOT like American involvement in their country.

6. Troops were removed from Iraq in 2011 under the Obama Administration.