Is high school preparing students for college?

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Is high school preparing students for college? by Mind Map: Is high school preparing students for college?

1. Are there opportunities presented to students allowing them to challenge themselves?

1.1. Offer projects and tasks that can challenge students to think more critically and challenge their way of thinking.

1.2. Implement regulations that give all schools some sort of mandatory courses so some schools don't offer beneficial classes that others dont.

1.3. Make it so students know about the opportunities presented to them.

1.4. Hold classes early in ones freshman year that explains what the high school offers and the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities presented.

2. Are students taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them?

2.1. Make certain classes mandatory to make sure that students are challenging themselves.

2.2. Teach students the importance of balancing their work and social life.

2.3. Teach the importance of being mentally well and how to seek help when feeling overwhelmed and also how to help others.

3. Do students know what to do to prepare themselves for college?

3.1. Enforce researching colleges and reaching out to them asking how to prepare themselves

3.2. On college visits, take the time to talk to professors and see what you can do to prepare for classes.

3.3. Encouraging investing in education before college so students are prepared for what challenges college will offer.

4. Do schools need more funding to give students more opportunities?

4.1. Push for increased funding to schools so students can have more opportunities to prepare students

4.2. Get more funding so schools can bring in more teachers and more classes

4.3. Allow schools to partner with local community colleges where students can enroll and take college level courses in high school.

4.4. Schools can redesign their school campuses to make it more of a college feel.

5. Are students mentally prepared for college?

5.1. Dont let students slack off but also dont let them overwhelm themselves.

5.2. Offer HBDI testing so students can know how they think so they can effective schedule classes that best fit their way of thinking and problem solving.

5.3. Don't let teachers directly guide students through assignments but instead act as supporting roles fro students to find their own solution.

6. Are students prepared for the future ?

6.1. Make classes like coding and computational thinking a requirement

6.2. Allow for students to learn how to find a job and make themselves appealing to companies

6.3. Challenge students to think about where they want to be in the future and how they can get their.

7. Why dont high schools give all students the same opportunities?

7.1. Create regulations that make it so all high schools are preparing students by offering similar opportunities

7.2. Allocate more money to education

7.3. Research what holds schools back from beret preparing their students