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Pill Organizer by Mind Map: Pill Organizer

1. Health

1.1. Vitamins

1.1.1. Health qualities Exercise Eating healthy Dealing with stress 8 hours of sleep

1.1.2. Vitamin C

1.1.3. Vitamin D

1.1.4. Natural vitamins Fish oil Thins the blood Poppy seeds Use them in a garden Magnetized Water Helps with diabetes Attracted to magnets

1.1.5. Vitamin B

1.1.6. Vitamin A

1.2. Medication

1.2.1. Sickness

1.2.2. Illness

1.2.3. Perscription Doctor Refills Refills

1.3. Hospitals

1.3.1. Doctors

1.3.2. Nures

1.3.3. Medicine Perscription

1.4. Exercises

1.4.1. Weight lifting Upper body Core Lower body

1.4.2. Cardio Running Sprinting Jogging Jump Roping

2. Organization

2.1. Reminders

2.1.1. Schedual Calendar Day Week Month Watch Hours Seconds Micro second Minutes Day

2.1.2. Sticky notes

2.1.3. Friends

2.1.4. Apps Schedule Reminder

3. Design

3.1. Material

3.1.1. Green solutions Metal Art Wood Card Board Biodegradable

3.1.2. Translucent Transparent

3.1.3. Plastic Green solutions

3.2. Fetuerse

3.2.1. Organized

3.2.2. Portable Compact Organized individual container Sealed Tight Clamp shuot Screw on/off

3.2.3. Opening system Screw on/off Righty Tighty Lefty Lucy Hinges Spring open button Flip Open

3.2.4. Water proof

3.2.5. Style Shape Cube Rectangle Spherical Diamond Piromid Cylindrical Cone Trapiziod Hexagonal Color Blue Pink Purple Red Transparent Orange Green Black Brown White Rainbow Tie dye

3.2.6. Large Capacity Dimensions listed