Capstone Project Ideas

Capstone Project ideas

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Capstone Project Ideas by Mind Map: Capstone Project Ideas

1. public areas

1.1. art pop up: Wondering 1:what can people create on a whim? Helping to foster creativity in the community

1.1.1. Wondering 2:: Does colloboration with others/ strangers help our creativity and art process? Wondering 3: how does the average person react when asked to tap into their creativity?

2. Can anyone be an art teacher?

2.1. Do you need to have a natural art talent to be an art teacher?

2.1.1. What qualifies you as an art teacher? Should an art teacher have a degree in art and education?

3. Creativity through the ages

3.1. Nursing home

3.1.1. Does life experience influence creativity? Do you get to use your creativity more now and how? How do you view art now?