Mechanically Inclined

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Mechanically Inclined by Mind Map: Mechanically Inclined

1. Editing Marks

1.1. X's over their souls, desires, and thoughts

1.2. Good intentions

1.3. Instead of correcting, put away labels and focus on powerful writing

1.3.1. Start with experiences, end with mechanics

1.3.2. Present mechanics after writing like a new, special effect.

2. Composing Text

2.1. Experiment

2.2. Imitate

2.3. Interact

2.4. Notice

2.5. Revise

2.6. Free-write

3. Writer's Notebook

3.1. Setting up a Writer's Notebook

3.1.1. Talk about the importance of these notebooks.

3.1.2. Never tear out a page. Why never tear out a page?

3.1.3. Leave a fly page up front.

3.1.4. Number pages on the right hand side Why?

3.1.5. Keep left hand pages blank for revising Wouldn't it work better for students to do this electronically to save paper. Of course, this wouldn't work for students who can't access technology. Although, how do they afford using multiple notebooks due to the amount of space that is taken up by not using the left hand side?

3.2. Proper Care of a Writer's Notebook

3.2.1. Notebooks stay at school

3.2.2. Mistakes can be corrected through gluing and covering but not tearing out pages

3.2.3. Keep notebooks organized by class

4. Author's Word and Phrase Pallet

4.1. Words and Phrases that resonate with the author.

4.2. Gems: Full sentences that resonate with the author.

5. Editor's Checklist

5.1. Capitalization

5.2. Dialogue Rules

5.3. Check homophones

5.3.1. They're, their, there

5.4. Watch apostrophes

5.5. Check commas

5.6. Check sentences