Creatine: Is It All That Cracked up To Be?

Creatine research paper breakdown

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Creatine: Is It All That Cracked up To Be? by Mind Map: Creatine: Is It All That Cracked up To Be?


1.1. Brooke Notes 1: Creatine 101

1.1.1. Helps Gain Muscle Boosted workload, improved cell signaling, raised anabolic hormones, increased cell hydration, reduced protein breakdown, lower myostatin levels

1.1.2. Helps with Diseases Parkinsons, Alzheimers,Huntingtons, Epilepsy

1.1.3. Other Health benefits Lowers Blood Sugar, improve muscle function, Help treat fatty liver disease

1.1.4. Can improve Strength, Power, and High intensity exercise performance

1.2. Brooke Notes 2: Is Creatine safe

1.2.1. (Does not cause) Dehydration & Cramps

1.2.2. (Does not cause) kidney or liver damage, unless previous problems occured

1.2.3. Can help improve blood sugar management

1.2.4. Creatine given to children given to children with nueromuscular disorder or muscle loss


2.1. Brooke Notes 1: creatine 101

2.1.1. No Negatives Stated

2.2. Brooke Notes 2: Is creatine safe

2.2.1. Causes weight gain (muscle mass)

2.2.2. Should be approached with caution if there is a history of liver or kidney issues

2.2.3. Rhabdomyolsis (no research suporting this though)

2.2.4. Purported Side Effects (he disproves) Kidney Damage Liver Damage Kidney Stones Weight Gain Bloating Dehydration Muscle Cramps Digestive problems Compartment syndrome Rhabdomyolsis


3.1. Brooke notes 1: Creatine 101

3.1.1. Dosage instructions

3.1.2. What is Creatine

3.2. Brooke Notes 2: Is creatine safe

3.2.1. What it does to the body

3.2.2. Found naturally in the body

3.2.3. Found in food like Meat with no link to steroids