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El Nino by Mind Map: El Nino

1. Economy

1.1. Certain coastal areas like Peru heavily rely on fishery, and when El Nino occurs the fish swim farther out then normally which dampens the economy for a period of time.

2. Food

2.1. El Nino can cause droughts which for less developed areas can heavily impact their food supply.

2.2. Where some places can expeirence droughts, others like South America, especially the coastal areas can experience which can cause major damage to homes and crops

3. Wildlife

3.1. So there is plenty to show how El NIno effects us humans but, what about animals and their habitats? Well you can guess it messes up all different types of creatures. It creates a struggle to survive and breed with the lack of nutrient and change in the waters temperature.

4. Health

4.1. El Nino has been proven to have a broad range on the world. A newly found one is its effects on health, recent studies show there is a link between El Nino and the 1918 Flu Epidemic. Though a weak connection it is a connection no less, this discovery has opened research companies to fund other studies to look more into this theory.

5. Weather

5.1. El Nino can have different effect on weather depending on the place, for example it can cause major droughts in Australia, flooding in Peru and warm temperature in Mongolia. It effects countries in many different ways but all are drastic and just a pain to deal with.