Jetco Website Project Organizational Chart

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Jetco Website Project Organizational Chart by Mind Map: Jetco Website Project Organizational Chart

1. Project Sign Off

1.1. Project Approval (PDF sent to Steve F and Blaine M.)

1.2. Please Note: Project approval allows both parties to be aware of scope and responsibilities. It protects both entities.

2. Investment Approval

2.1. Click Link Below:

2.2. Please Note: Once investment is attained, all onboarding sequence project tasks begin.

2.3. Project investment does not have to be made via our online payment system. We accept cheque and direct transfer. Please contact us to make arrangements for whatever is convenient for you.

3. Meeting Topics Discussed, Friday, October 18, 2019

3.1. Project Scope

3.1.1. Approximate Time Frame and Phases: (Emailed to Steve F. and Blaine M. as PDF)

3.2. Onboarding Process Review

3.3. Graphic Design, Topics & Interface Build

3.3.1. Samples provided from platform

3.3.2. Color codes approval

3.3.3. Logo in PNG Format

3.3.4. Primary Website Topics

3.3.5. Secondary Website Topics

3.3.6. Word File with Content for Each Topic (accompanying photos)

3.4. Committee members and contacts to work with Micromax From Jetco:

3.5. Key Contacts for project: Technical: Name: Email: Editing/Publishing: Name: Email: Media File Uploads: Name: Email:

4. Project Data Folder

4.1. Dropbox File Link Sent

5. We'll help and guide you through every step of the build process! We'll assist with topic writing, graphic design, image selection and so on!

6. Jetco