Gallery review paper


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Gallery review paper by Mind Map: Gallery review paper

1. choose subject

1.1. search on the internet

1.1.1. find information about the artist

1.1.2. take notes important not important

1.2. search for pictures

1.2.1. download some of them

1.3. think the way that I am going to talk about it

2. pay attention in class

2.1. take notes

3. talk to the professor about your ideas and thought and ask for opinion

4. write down thoughts, ideas

4.1. organize thoughts

4.2. think what I am going to write in every paragraph

5. visit a gallery

5.1. take pictures

5.1.1. keep the most impressive for me

5.2. keep notes of what I saw

6. give the professor to review my paper before submission

6.1. make necessary changes