Games for Diagnosing and Helping with Dyslexia Suffers

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Games for Diagnosing and Helping with Dyslexia Suffers by Mind Map: Games for Diagnosing and Helping with Dyslexia Suffers

1. Problem Statement

1.1. citizens with dyslexia often are an avarage from a population

1.1.1. Malaysia but it is estimated that 4% – 8 % of school going children have dyslexia (Dr. Aminah 2012)

1.2. childrens arent identified with this disorder which creates difficulty when they are older

1.3. most criminals are dyslexic

1.3.1. Institutional Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice found 48 percent of inmates were dyslexic

1.4. Early detection gives children with dyslexia the opportunity to develop to their full potential. Failure to do so, can be disastrous

1.4.1. This is a loss to the nation as those with dyslexia are gifted people, especially when it comes to areas that require creativity and skills(DMA president Sariah Amirin)

1.5. PSIDM had received complaints from parents that their dyslexic children were rejected by schools

1.5.1. PSIDM president Ahmad Fitri Isahak said more teachers, both in primary and secondary schools, needed to be trained — to be able to recognise the symptoms of learning disability.

1.6. most likely to have depression or suicidal thoughts

1.6.1. self-harm offers a secretive way of coping with emotions, especially where individuals believe themselves to be abnormal.In the case of dyslexia, a learning difficulty that is hidden and camouflaged until individuals begin to write to use most forms of communications. (Hawton, James and Viner)

2. Nature of Bussiness

2.1. competition

2.1.1. apps used in school

2.1.2. game apps for dyslexia

2.1.3. depression apps

3. Target Audience

3.1. children

3.2. parents

3.3. demographics

4. Objectives

4.1. -to be able to help parents diognasing children with dyslexia withing a game.

4.2. better relationship between parents

4.3. -visual representations of the game world, and through story-telling.

4.4. fight againts lost for jobs,(mechanism takes over most jobs)

4.4.1. According to The World Economic Forum, an estimated 65% of kids enrolling in primary education today will end up working in jobs that haven’t been created yet.

4.5. combat againts depression

4.5.1. The New Zealand-based researchers who created the game found impressive results in their study. Approximately 44% of SPARX players recovered from depression, compared to 26% of patients in treatment.

5. Inovation

5.1. product

5.1.1. platform game app to tell a story

5.1.2. projection mapping game

5.1.3. letters or numbers puzzle game