Types of transport (2)

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Types of transport (2) by Mind Map: Types of transport (2)

1. Means of transport

1.1. Speedboat Submarine Battleship Ferry Motor boat Cargo ship Sailboat

2. Air transport

2.1. Means of transport

2.1.1. Drone Helicopter Passenger plane Cargo plane

2.2. Advantages

2.2.1. Fast and quick Flexible Carries fragile goods Carries great number of people

2.3. Disadvantages

2.3.1. Expensive Loss of lives and property incase of accidents Not flexible Hard to maintain

2.4. Documents used

2.4.1. Air way bill Tickets Passport Commerical invoice Certificate of origin

3. Water transport

3.1. Advantages

3.1.1. Cheap No traffic congestion Carries greater goods

3.2. Disadvantages

3.2.1. Slow Delays Expensive

3.3. Documents used

3.3.1. Seaway bill Consigment note Bill of lading

4. Railway transport

4.1. Means of transport

4.1.1. Rapid transit Tramway Light rail Commuter rail

4.2. Advantages

4.2.1. Better organized High speed Cheap Large capacity Safety

4.3. Disadvantages

4.3.1. Lack of flexibility No rural services Unsuitable for short distances No door to door services

4.4. Documents used

4.4.1. Certificate of origin Consigment note Tickets

5. Road transport

5.1. Means of transport

5.1.1. Animals Bus Cycling Heavy duty vehicle Non motorized

5.2. Advantages

5.2.1. Flexible Cheap Speedy

5.3. Disadvantages

5.3.1. Traffic congestion Pollution Accidents

5.4. Documents used

5.4.1. Driving permit Delivery note Tickets Certificate of origin

6. Pipeline transport

6.1. Means of transport

6.1.1. Petroleum pipelines

6.2. Advantages

6.2.1. Flexible Reduces congestion Easy Reduces pollution

6.3. Disadvantages

6.3.1. Delays Blockages

6.4. Documents used

6.4.1. Certificate of origin Delivery note