Big Brother Is watching you! 1984, George Orwell

Big Brother is watching you! 1984, George Orwell

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Big Brother Is watching you! 1984, George Orwell by Mind Map: Big Brother Is watching you! 1984, George Orwell

1. Cold and Windy

2. Winston Smith is always under control

2.1. W.S. is alienated from society

2.1.1. ALIENATED = you actually wear an identity which doesn't corrispond to your own

2.2. Relationship betweem W.S. and the telescreen

2.2.1. Wiston could be seen as well as heard by the telescreen

2.2.2. Even when he turns down the telescreen, he can still hear voices bubbling. The telescreen still records and transmits even when is powerd off

2.3. He keeps his back turned to the telescreen: He doesn't want to be seen by Big Brother administration

2.4. W.S. works at ministry of truth

3. London

3.1. There seems to be no color at all

3.2. There are posters everywhere

3.2.1. White and Black

3.3. Buildings

3.3.1. Ministry of Truth It's an enormous piramidal structure (300meters) The posters represent a guy saying "Big Brother is watching you" Made of Glittering white concrete Freedom is slavery On the top of the building there are 3 sentences: War is Peace Ignorance is Strenght

3.3.2. Houses hosting Big Brother's "stars" (humans being controlled and watched)

4. Police control private life

4.1. Helicopters' Police always fly above houses checking the situation inside

5. No personal or free thoughts