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Lecture 1 Jan. 23 by Mind Map: Lecture 1 Jan. 23
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Lecture 1 Jan. 23

Introductions (15 minutes)

Steve Koch & Anthony Salvagno

Rest of class and take photos

Course goals (5-10 minutes)

Learn some basic electronics

Excellent & Open lab notebooks

Learn to share source code & data

Learn to program in LabVIEW

Have fun learning electronics / hardware skills that would be helpful in future research career

Grading (5 minutes)

Grading will be related to course goals. To get an A, need to keep up with lab notebook EVERY WEEK and have excellent work and lab notebook

All labs count equally. "Participation / Helpfullness" grade combination of contributions during lectures and during labs

Must read and comment on each other's notebooks--we will figure this out as weeks go on

Introduction / Overview of Lab I (25 minutes)

(old) resources

Demo of Github

Demo of wiki in Github

Demo of Google Docs

demo of WordPress