Part two : Operations: ROOMS

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Part two : Operations: ROOMS by Mind Map: Part two : Operations: ROOMS

1. Interdepartmental communication

1.1. Marketing and sale : guest history, reservations, first impression relay messages, guest function info

1.2. Housekeeping : Room status, security concern, potential house count, Request for amenities and supplies

1.3. Food & beverage : Relaying messages, accurate voucher info, posting of charges to guest accounts, predicted house counts & paid-out

1.4. Banquet : Info on scheduled events

1.5. Controller : Daily summary of financial transaction for billing

1.6. Maintenance : Guest request for maintenance service

1.7. Human resources : Initial points of contact and screening for potential employees

2. FOM's duties on a typical day

2.1. Review night audit report & incoming reservations for day

2.2. Communicate info to employees on all shifts concerning reservations, room assignments, and room inventory, info to other departments

2.3. Resolves guest billing discrepancies and other complaints, prepare budget with GM and controller......

3. Yield management

3.1. Income - Expenses = Yield

3.2. Major obstacles

3.2.1. Lack of creativity

3.2.2. Monitoring the wrong signals

3.2.3. Lack of attention

3.2.4. Conflict between sales and service

3.2.5. Rewarding the wrong behavior

3.2.6. Targeting the wrong customers

3.3. Basic concepts of yeild management

3.3.1. Simplifying the yeild management system to make it manageable

3.3.2. Examining the rate controls to make certain that yield the strongest revenue return

3.3.3. Using length-of-stay controls to shift demand from sold-out periods to slack periods

4. Rate category controls

4.1. Rate category controls helps ensure available inventory to accommodate the projected high-rate demand

5. Length-of-stay controls

5.1. Managing stay lengths is complex but is the most rewarding of yield management functions

5.2. Requires an understanding of demand by various length-of-stay intervals

6. Les Clefs d'Or

6.1. Translated as The Golden Keys

6.2. A professional association of hotel concierges

6.3. About 4000 members from 80 countries and 530 destinations

6.4. Headquarters in Paris, France

7. Front Desk Management

7.1. Bell Stand

7.1.1. Basic duties of a bell person: Handing incoming & outgoing guest luggages Greeting arriving & departing guests Answering the guest's questions about the location attractions Keeping guest's luggage

7.2. Front desk

7.2.1. Usually located in the lobby area

7.2.2. The number of workstations depends on the size of the hotel ( 1 workstation per 100 guest room)

7.2.3. Each workstation has a computer or PMS terminal with a credit card swiper and printer, room key encoder, telephone

7.3. Some aspects to consider when allocating rooms

7.3.1. Rate

7.3.2. Length of stay

7.3.3. Loyalty to the hotel/ membership level

7.3.4. Reservation guarantees

7.3.5. VIP level

7.3.6. Special requests