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To Market: Stumbleupon by Mind Map: To Market: Stumbleupon

1. Opportunity

1.1. Discover based search engine

1.1.1. User preferences

1.1.2. Shared user preferences

1.1.3. Channel surfing the web

1.2. Vast amount of information difficult to search

1.2.1. Preference based content

1.3. Social nature of users

1.3.1. Community creation

1.3.2. user generated content

1.3.3. Lead generation

2. Revenue Model

2.1. Search Advertising/Web traffic geneartion

2.1.1. Analytics Group preferences Individual preferences Traffic generator

2.1.2. Advertising Highly targeted markets Seamless integration of advertising with organic results New markets "discovering product or services"

3. Resource/Tactics

3.1. Large user base

3.2. Simple Intuitive design

3.2.1. Started as Firefox browser extension

3.2.2. Developed into stand alone aplication

3.3. High use value to users

3.4. Clear orgional concept

3.4.1. No initial competition

3.4.2. Developed social networking features to strengthen user interaction

3.4.3. Grew with user base. Adapted to needs

4. Risks

4.1. Cash flow

4.1.1. Small start up founded by two Graduate students. Garrett camp and Geoff Smith 4 years little growth Started as side project Not intended as a sustainable business

4.1.2. Venture capital Owners vs investors Purchased by Ebay in 2007 for 75 million

4.2. Strong user following

4.2.1. Resistant to Change

4.2.2. Accept advertising or monetization of product?

4.3. Copy cat competition

4.3.1. Google

4.3.2. New start up

4.4. Concept

4.4.1. Can it be montierized

4.4.2. Will people use it consistantly

4.4.3. Will business/investors understand value