Katy McGuire

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Katy McGuire by Mind Map: Katy McGuire

1. Faith Journey

1.1. Second Generation Pastor's kid on both sides of my family.

1.2. Since attending HIU, my faith has grown stronger as I have dug deeper into understanding Scripture

1.3. My walk with the Lord is very important to me. He has brought me through many hills and valleys and has always been faithful.

1.3.1. As a side note, I just started a Beth Moore Bible Study with my church, "Entrusted" and I have to say that it's important to remember to take time out of every day to continuously keep your fire alive through; prayer, reading scripture, worshiping, or listening to other's teachings.

1.4. Right now my Bible verse for this week is-Proverbs 3:6

2. Role as an Educator

2.1. I am hoping to be able to teach math/science at a middle school level. (But I am leaning more towards math)

2.2. I believe an educator should go beyond fulfilling criteria of preparing students for exams..

2.2.1. ...but to instill a passion for learning or to encourage each individually on what they are passionate about.

2.2.2. ...including learning important life skills such as emotional intelligence and social awareness.

2.3. I currently tutor math between grades 5-12, and I love getting experience with 1-1 teaching and being able to help a student have a "lightbulb"moment.

2.4. I also occasionally teach Sunday school at my church. And this is a blessing to be able to teach God's word and have discussions with our future generations.

3. Family

3.1. Immediate Family and professions. My Dad is a pastor at our church and we have chickens at our house and he loves them. My Mom is currently a librarian and technology specialist at a local middle school. My sister recently got married and teaches math at a middle school.

3.2. We have two dogs, seven chickens, and we just bought ten adorable little chicks.

4. Experience with Technology

4.1. My Mom has been teaching technology at schools for over 10years now and would speak at conferences and to schools through Discovery education, Google, and Apple.

4.1.1. From this I've been exposed to some creative teachers and different technology resources that have been in use before this became a norm.

4.2. Personally I wouldn't consider myself very "high-tech", but I am always willing to learn new things.

5. Hobbies/Interests

5.1. I love hiking and being outdoors in God's nature.

5.2. I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend; he is currently helping me get back into running because we signed up for a 5k in November.

5.3. If I have free time I will either spend it playing with my dog, painting, or watch Netflix.

6. Professional Goals

6.1. I hope to become a math/science teacher in the future.

6.2. Either during or after teaching I'd like to take over the Sunday school department at my church.