British homes' quirks

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British homes' quirks by Mind Map: British homes' quirks

1. Separate taps for hot and cold water

1.1. To prevent contamination through cross connection

1.1.1. Cold water: mains supply; fit for drinking

1.1.2. Hot water: local storage cistern

1.1.3. Imbalance of pressures

1.2. Hot water taps should be placed on the left

1.2.1. Visually impaired

2. Pull cords in bathrooms

2.1. British Standard Requirements for Electrical Installations

2.2. Body's resistance to electricity drops after immersed

2.3. Pull cords: no contact with the switch

3. Garbage bins outside front doors

3.1. The institutionalization of rubbish collection

3.2. In the past: ashpits in back yards

3.2.1. By the 1900s: ashpits no longer capable

3.3. 1960s: outside the front of houses for bin collections

3.4. High population: limited outside space