Emotional Disturbance

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Emotional Disturbance by Mind Map: Emotional Disturbance

1. Runners

1.1. Run away from their issues

1.2. Lose all reasonable thinking skills when they start to run

1.3. Get lost easily

2. Schizophrenia

2.1. Delusions

2.2. Hallucinations

2.3. Disorganized Thinking

3. Screamers

3.1. Are very loud

3.2. Have a hard time listening

3.3. Give teachers a difficult time

4. Bipolar Disorder

4.1. Manic Depression

4.2. Mood Swings

4.3. Most of the time there are additional psychiatric issues that make diagnosis difficult

5. Eating Disorders

5.1. Anorexia

5.2. Bulimia

5.3. Binge Eating