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knowledge by Mind Map: knowledge

1. math

1.1. i know that when you multiply a negative number by a positive number you get a negative number, when you multiply a negative by a negative you get a positive, and when you multiply a positive by a positive you get a positive number

2. science

2.1. i know that in physics in order to find the momentum of an object you need to multiply the mass of the object by its velocity. i also know that the units of mass and velocity have to be in kilograms and in meters per second

3. english

3.1. in order to succeed and better your writing you need to have a deep analysis of the evidence that you use and you need to explain why the evidence connects to your claim

4. italian

4.1. i know in italian you need to change how you say words based off of the tense and also the thing or person you are talking about.

5. tech

5.1. i know that a classic design is a product that is recognizable by everyone and caused a emotional reaction by the viewer . i also know that in order for it to be a classic design it must be an old product

6. gym

6.1. i know that in order to stay safe and decrease the risk of injury you need to stretch and warm up before you do exercise and cool down afterwards

7. social studies

7.1. i know that not one president has gone through the entire impeachment process and has been kicked out of office. presidents have been impeached but not convicted, which means they were impeached but were allowed to remain in office

8. phycology

8.1. i know that a lot of experiments are not able to be done due to ethical reasons. also during an experiment or observations it is not very accurate because people act differently when they are being watched

9. shared knowledge

9.1. Physics is a subject discipline with knowledge that is shared. Many have access to it and can contribute to it. Much of the work done is by teams of people building on existing knowledge.

9.2. we all know that everyone needs friends in order to succeed in life and that having someone by your side will make your life better.

9.3. we know that in soccer in order to score a goal you need to work together as a team and move the ball together in order to be successful

9.4. we know that in school you will only do well if you put the effort and are willing to do the work that is required to do well in class

10. personal knowledge

10.1. i know that in order to prevent an injury from getting worse you have to stretch and rest in order for your body to heal

10.2. i know that in sailing you do best if you have a personal relationship and trust between you and your crew which will make you work the best together and have a strong relationship and bond and be like one person

10.3. i know that you won't do as good as you possibly can on a test if you don't prepare and study

10.4. i know that before soccer it is best to eat a lot of carbohydrates in order to make your body full of energy. i also know after the game you should eat a lot of protein in order to repair the muscles