The White Space: Opportunity's Found Where You Create It (TBD)

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The White Space: Opportunity's Found Where You Create It (TBD) by Mind Map: The White Space: Opportunity's Found Where You Create It (TBD)

1. Topics/Recurring Questions to Tackle any Problem With

1.1. What are we trying to solve?

1.2. How large is the market?

1.3. How long does it take to get to market?

1.4. Who is the target consumer?

1.5. Who are our competitors?

1.6. Why has no one done this before?

1.7. Is this scalable?

1.8. What type of team do we need to solve this? How many members? How fast does it scale?

1.9. How much money does it take to get off the ground?

1.10. What existing business models can we apply to this problem?

2. How do we not lose all IP?

2.1. If we decide an episode is gold and we want to keep idea to self, just don't publish and push out a different episode

2.2. Talk about ideas we aren't in love with, but see potential in

2.3. When do we keep things private?

2.4. Not care, because we literally never run out of ideas and if someone runs with one, who cares

2.5. Use every pod as a cta to join the mission

3. Goal / Ethos

3.1. Provide value to listeners who most likely won't take action

3.2. Disrupt industry with our insight

3.3. Gain industry connections around the country

3.4. Increase network of investors

3.5. Potential consulting gigs

3.6. Potential speaking engagements

3.7. Collaboration opportunities

3.8. Bring the right thinkers to us instead of having to seek them out

3.9. Great way to vent/brainstorm our bad ideas or junk ideas in order to get to the good ones

4. Dream Guests

4.1. Batch record interviews if possible (schedule 3 in a day, etc)

4.2. Remote Interviews?

4.2.1. Record their Google Hangouts screen or Skype?

5. Industries (vague-ish)

5.1. Any trending business field that seems will phase out

5.2. Topical business problems we see in the world

5.3. Problems we identify in our day to day routine, and we can ideate/vent about how to fix it

5.4. Technology solutions to daily problems

6. Show Format

6.1. Length

6.1.1. 30 minutes Easier to get high quality information out Could easily not fully explain thoughts as 30 minutes goes by quickly Can feel anxious and rushed if we go over 30 minutes to cut it Get straight into high quality information, but show could also have lower retention if we're less personable

6.1.2. 1 hr Opportunity to fully sit in a thought and let conversations breathe No expectation to hit 1 hr and anything under is still good Allows time to warm up/get into it.. Could lose people but could also gain people with personalities

6.2. Segments

6.2.1. 3-5 Researched Topics More entertaining to "casuals" More broad scope of topics and we won't run out of topics Harder to have "sub-topics" which can make positions short and difficult to have counter statements End up talking out of our ass

6.2.2. 1 Deeply Researched Topic Come off more as experts High Structure Pre-Vetted Questions Higher opportunity to impact change from decision makers

6.2.3. Each host brings one topic under topic umbrella Allows each to have turn leading conversation and asking/answering More genuine thoughts on topic Opportunity to come up dry and "fail"

6.3. Do we ever have guests?

6.3.1. Yes They will share on platforms if they had a good time Adds a level of legitimacy Makes easier to reach new audiences as "experts" by proxy Less work to prep, more work to research guest Can validate our theories and innovative ideas in their space More realistic to lead to real consulting opportunities Netowrking, duh. Excuse to host/meet people we want

6.3.2. No Keeps the show format tight and familiar

7. Distribution

7.1. Video

7.1.1. YT Segments Full Episodes

7.1.2. IG Segments

7.1.3. LinkedIn Full Episodes

7.2. Audio

7.2.1. Use Anchor to upload to every RSS feed platform (iTunes, SoundCloud, etc)

7.3. Text

7.3.1. Audio transcript as a blog?

7.3.2. Pay some overseas Indian to create "show-notes" with time stamps linked to topic as a blog

7.4. Publishing Cadence?

7.4.1. Full Episode Audio to all platforms - Video on LinkedIn/YT on weekly cadence

7.4.2. Clips 3 Clips during week on IG, LinkedIn, YT every 2 Days until new episode releases

8. Production

8.1. Record audio

8.2. Record video

8.2.1. Both face camera More personable?

8.2.2. Face eachother Better conversation?

8.3. Where?

8.3.1. Insert Physical Location

8.4. When?

8.4.1. Record two episodes at once

8.5. How Often?

8.5.1. Twice a Month

8.6. Latency between recording and publishing

8.6.1. 3 weeks Gives us solid runway to create assets We'll have just recorded the next episode so we can tack on a hot take from "next week's" episode at the end

9. Artwork

9.1. Logo

9.1.1. Find 5-10 cover arts we each like on iTunes top charts in our space Send to designer on Fiverr to make ours ($40-$100)

9.2. Branding

9.2.1. Based off logo have Fiverr designer create assets Brandon - animate assets and create templates for easy video overlay

10. Responsibility Split (once initial setup, templates, etc are done)

10.1. TOTAL weekly time commitment = ???

10.2. Carlos

10.2.1. Create Show Notes/Episode Descriptions

10.2.2. Secure Guests

10.2.3. Publish to LinkedIn Clips and Full Episode

10.2.4. Publish Clip on IG

10.3. Bano

10.3.1. Edit Audio = 30 min

10.3.2. Edit Viideo = 1 hr

10.3.3. Create Clips = 20 min per clip

10.3.4. Add files in Shared Drive

10.3.5. Publish to YT Clips and Full Episode

10.3.6. Publish Audio

10.3.7. Push clip on IG