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Abdomen by Mind Map: Abdomen

1. Arteries

1.1. Thoracic Aorta

1.1.1. Abdominal Aorta Celiac Trunk T12 supplies forgut mostly thing before fist par of Duodenum. Splenic Artery runs to the left of pancrease, behind stomach goes toward spleen (spleno renal ligament). Supplies stomach, pancrease & spleen Common Hepatic Artery Run in lesser omentum towards right. Left Gastric Artery shortest branch lies in lesser omentum. Anastamosis with right gasteric. Supplies stomach Inferior Mesenteric Supplies Hindgut Starting from last part of transverse color to halfway down to anal canal. Supllies last part of Transverse colon, left colic fixure, decending & Sigmoid Colon. Rectum and upper half of anal canal. Left Colic Sigmoidal Branches (Multiple) Superior Rectal Branch As Termincal Branch Superior Mesenteric Artery Mid gut. mostly GI tract starting with last part of Duodenum till almost end of transverse colon. supplies the distal part of duodenum, jejunum, ileum, caecum, appendix, ascending colon, and most of the transverse colon. Tumor in Pancrease (uncinated process) will compress Superior Mesenteric Artery Inferior pancreatico duodenal Supplies head of pancrease, some duodenum Middle colic Supplies Transverse Colon Right colic supplies Ascending Colon Branches into ascending & decending Jejunal branches ileal branches Iliocolic Testicular Artery Common iliac (right) External Illiac Common iliac (left)

2. Marginal Arteries Anastamosis of iliocolic, Right Colic, Left Colic, and Sigmoidal

3. Pelvis Blood

3.1. Rectal

3.1.1. Middle Rectal & Inferior Rectal (Both From Internal iliac Artery

3.1.2. Superior Rectal from IMA

3.2. Ovary

3.2.1. Ovarian Arteries - From Abdominal Aorta