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Digiartphotography by Mind Map: Digiartphotography

1. Compepitor site analysis

2. youtubes

2.1. We can promote our clients video clips as our showcase

3. Local events

3.1. Motive of doing these events is to get contact details of our targeted audience

4. Website

4.1. SEO

4.1.1. On-Page SEO Keywords analysis Client site analysis/site Auditing Tag optimization Tittle Tag Meta keywords,description,language Heading Bold ALT URL Favicon Icon Canonicalization Installation CSS & Java Script File Optimization Web Speed Optimization Hyperlink Sitemap-file creation Robots.txt file Custom error page Content optimization

4.1.2. Off-page SEO Page Rank Directory Submission Blog commenting Forum Marketing Social Bookmarking Link Buliding Photo Sharing Video sharing Business review Local listing Press Release Link through outreaching high traffic relevant site

5. Social-media page

5.1. pages/groups

5.1.1. organically our strategy is to target the all relevant pages and groups regarding photography and daily share our post on those groups via multiple ids so that we are visible for our targeted audiences as a result chances of getting leads also increaes

5.1.2. paid ads/SMM well optimized fb ads with the help of facebook pixel as well as we are targeting the our custom traffic

5.1.3. others platform where we target our users instagram pinterest Tumblr Twitter

6. High Level Marketing

6.1. Live videos of our clients work and our events

6.2. Get Featured in Abode stock ,500px etc

6.3. Email Marketing

6.4. Blog

6.4.1. In these we can provide information to our customer about photography ,our services and any updates regarding photography

7. Training/internship

7.1. In these section we can provide a training and internship program to our targeted audiences