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Learning Trends Presenters 2008 by Mind Map: Learning Trends
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Learning Trends Presenters 2008

Learning Trends

Robin Good

Collaboration Tools, Created public map in realtime

Jane Hart

Free Tools

Tony Karrer

Work Literacy, Knowledge Worker - Concept Worker, Changes in Work Methods and Skills, Gap in Work Skills

eLearning 2.0

Dave Pollard

Marcia Conner

Nancy White


Closed Communities

Finding resources

Making connections

David Wienberger


Many to Many Learning

Amazon Model of Learning

Allison Anderson

Bob the Intel Employee


Tim Orielly

Follow the Alpha Geeks

Get Behind a Mentor

ELearn 2008

David Wiley


Digital, Mobile - Yes

Connect, Personal, Creating, Open - No

Learning08 (Masie)

Tony O'Driscoll


What do you have that's different?, differentiate it from any other tech, Affordance that addresses issue, New node