Managing Diverse Employee in a Multicultural Environment

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Managing Diverse Employee in a Multicultural Environment by Mind Map: Managing Diverse Employee in a Multicultural Environment

1. Managers and The Effective Management of Diversity

1.1. Critical Managerial Rules

1.1.1. Decisional

1.1.2. Informational

1.1.3. Interpesonal

1.2. Effectively Managing diversity Makes Good Business Sense

1.3. The Ethical Imperative to Manage Diversity Effectively

1.3.1. Procedural Justice

1.3.2. Distributive Justice

2. The Increasing Diversity of the wokforce and the Environment

2.1. Kind of Diversity

2.1.1. Age

2.1.2. Gender

2.1.3. Race and Ethically

2.1.4. Religion

2.1.5. capabilites/Disabilities

2.1.6. socioeconomic background

2.1.7. sexual orientation

2.2. Other Kinds Of Diversity

2.2.1. Diverse Background and Experience

2.2.2. Physically Appearance

3. Sexual Harassment

3.1. Steps Managers Can Take to Eradicate Sexual Harassment

3.2. Form of Sexual Harassment

3.2.1. Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment

3.2.2. Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

4. Perception

4.1. Overt Discrimination

4.2. Perception as a Determinant of Unfair Traetment

4.3. Factors That Influence Managerial Perception

5. How to Manage Diversity Effectively

5.1. Increase the Accuracy of Perceptions

5.2. Increase Diversity Awareness

5.3. Increase Diversity Skills

5.4. Encourage Flexibility

5.5. Pay Close Attention to How Employees are Evaluated

5.6. Empower Employees to challenge Discriminatory Behavior, Action, and Remarks

5.7. Reward Employees for Effectively Managing Diversity

5.8. Provide Training Utilizing a Multipronged, Ongoing Approach

5.9. Encourage Mentoring of Diverse Employees

5.10. Encourage Flexibility