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North Cowichan Climate Action by Mind Map: North Cowichan Climate Action
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North Cowichan Climate Action


Curbside pick-up of compostables

Incentives for garbage collection only when can is full

Get a landfill site established

Composting system without smells

Make garbage drop-off free

On-site composting instead of centralised

Yard trimming collection


Land protection

Add to the ALR

More community gardens


Grow more food

More local organic food, % of food locally consumed, Local Food Action Plan, Niagra Region

Farm skills and nature awareness education for children and youth program, Vancouver School Board

Agricultural centre, Intervale Center, Vermont


Build a permanent Farmers Market facility, Halifax Seaport Farmers Market

Livestock and small animals auction

Municipal reserve fund for agriculture

Encourage agro-forestry on municipal land


Transportation demand management

Car share

Complete a trip diary

Anti-idling campaign

Parking management strategy

Establish cash in lieu of parking stalls bylaw (exists in Chemainus)

Car Coop, Modo Coop

Utilize "Dutch style" road design/development

Parking costs

Online carpooling system, Car pool

Car free planning

Traffic calming, City of Vancouver

North Cowichan Active Transportation Plan

Physically seperated bicycle lanes, City of Vancouver

Bike to work program

Consider impact of transportation decisions on cyclists and walking

Bicycle safety program

Walking schoolbuses

Bike transit integration

Indicator: walkability index

Car stop program, Pender Island, BC

Public bike-sharing program

Street events

TCH overpass through Duncan


Increase public transit routes and frequency

Number of people living in proximity to transit

UPass for schools, and other insitutions

Rail service

Increase public transit between Duncan and Cowichan Commons

Taxi service improvements, City of Rimouski's Taxibus

Fuel efficiency/switching

Biofuel for community vehicles, Cowichan biodiesel co-op

Biodiesel for municipal fleet vehicles

Less energy intense vehicles

Road fuel tax

Electric vehicle charging stations, City of Vancouver


Partially fund ClimateSmart for local businesses

Capital Regional District

Home wood heating with biochar sequestration

BioFlame Briquettes

Demand management strategy

Protecting the night sky

District energy systems

Common geothermal systems for multiple homes, Gibsons, BC

Municipal energy corporation, Lonsdale Energy corporation, Revelstoke District Energy

Renewable energy

Bulk purchase of renewable energy systems, HRM Solar City

Install household scale wind and solar, Merton Rule UK

Build a biogas plant based on methane

Solar panel grant

North Cowichan uses Bullfrog Power


Air drying laundy

Ecosystems and bio-diversity


Carbon sequestration, Maintain municipal forests, Restoration of degraded sites to forest such as the cliffs over Maple Bay, CRD Parklands acquisition project

Urban forests, Preserve Echo Heights forest, Urban forest strategy, Tree protection by-law, Municipal orchardist

Local materials, More local ownership of forests to support local small and medium enterprises, Promote local economy based on sustainable forestry, Harrop Procter Community Forest Co-operative


Inventory the coast line for sea level rise vulnerability

Evaluate the potential impact of storm surges


Green building courses

Green roofs with opportunities to grow food

New Buildings

Training for building inspectors

Support leading green building programs such as PassivHouse, LEED for Homes, City of Vancouver's Passive Design Toolkit

Loosen building restrictions to promote eco-friendly housing

Improve building from Stick to SIPs

Innovation building code process

Feebate based on sustainability checklist, District of Saanich Green Building Rebate

Energy performance through rezoning

Residential green building standard

Existing Buildings

Tax breaks for suite building

Property tax based on carbon footprint

Support to green older buildings

Fire departments do energy audits

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), City of Vancouver

Municipal building upgrades to higher energy efficiency

Establish a municipal green building policy

Greentools, King County, WA


Create a regional strategy

Carbon Neutral Kootenies

Build on existing community efforts on Green Community's map and Land Trust's green map

Wireless free areas

Cap the population of the area

GHG impacts of mining activities

Air quality

Ban back-yard burning

Wood-stove change out program


Green job creation

Green economic development strategy

Number of business liscences in the green economy

Primer on the green economy

Focus on change rather than growth

Create a green investment fund

Revolving loan fund

Create a green enterprise zone

Vancouver's Green Economy Plan


Reduce consumption of goods

Promote consumption of sustainable goods

Create incentives/requirements for suppliers to provide sustainable products


Focus development on 3 NC cores

Promote urban density to preserve green space, maximise resources

Establish minimum/maximum densities in the Urban Containment Boundaries using maximum walking distances from centres

Urban containment boundary

Number of housing units constructed in growth centres as a percentage of total residential permits

GHG implications of proposed developments will be evaluated



Civil disobedience


Awareness days in district schools

Re-invent the university to support change

Community sustainability classes

General public

Climate change showdown (North Van)

Climate change sculptures, Imagine 2020 Network

Public video displays

Communication and action team

Planning Mechanisms

Development cost charge reductions

Priority permit processing

Climate protection design guidelines

District energy service bylaw

Rezoning policy

Development permit areas

Local improvement charges

Density bonuses

Tax breaks

Create an alternative to Pacific Carbon Trust for the community