Forgein trade in India

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Forgein trade in India by Mind Map: Forgein trade in India

1. Intoduction to trade

1.1. Home trade

1.1.1. Local

1.1.2. Regional

1.1.3. Interregional

2. Trade in India

2.1. Strategy of trade policy in india

2.2. Trade relations

2.3. India's forgein trade

2.3.1. Recent trends Composition of trade Composition of import Composition of export Change in value if trade Direction of trade Direction of import Direction of export

2.3.2. During planning period Major export Major import

2.4. Internal trade of India

2.5. National level institution

2.5.1. EXIM and ECGC

3. Terms of trade

3.1. NET barter

3.2. Gross benter

3.3. Income

3.4. Single and double factorial

3.5. Real cost

3.6. Utility

4. International trade

4.1. World trade organisation

4.2. GATT and UNCTAD

4.3. Recent world trade scenario

4.4. Theories

4.4.1. Absolute advantage

4.4.2. Comparative advantage

4.4.3. Opportunities cost principal

4.4.4. Heckscher ohlin approach

4.4.5. Availability approach


5. Balance of trade

5.1. Financiaing of forgein trade

6. Bilateral and multilateral trade agreement

7. Export promotion

8. Free trade VS protection trade

9. Balance of payment

9.1. Current account transaction

9.1.1. Merchandise or visible items

9.1.2. Invisible items

9.2. Capital account

9.2.1. Forgein investment Forgein direct investment Portfolio investment

9.2.2. Loans External commercial borrowing External assistance

9.2.3. Banking capital