Various types of Validity and Reliability

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Various types of Validity and Reliability by Mind Map: Various types of Validity and Reliability

1. Evidence

1.1. Construct Validity

1.2. Learning importance and assessment

1.3. Correlates the results with the information on the test that you would want to know.

2. Relavant

2.1. Content Validity

2.2. Learning importance and assessment

2.2.1. Task

2.2.2. Prerequisites

2.3. It matches the test questions to the teacher's instructional objectives.

2.3.1. Task

2.3.2. Prerequisites

3. Performance

3.1. Concurrent Criterion Related Validity

3.2. Learning importance and assessment

3.3. It allows teachers to compare the students performance

4. Objectives

4.1. Predictive Validity

4.2. Importance in learning and assessment

4.3. it will predict how well the students will do in the future.

5. New node

6. New node

7. New node