What is life like on the moon?

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What is life like on the moon? by Mind Map: What is life like on the moon?

1. Mathematics

1.1. In a spaceship, how long does it take to get to the moon? Jack and Annie used their treehouse.

1.2. At the end of the book, Annie stated "The moon looks really far away." How far exactly is the moon from Earth?

2. Social Studies

2.1. Jack and Annie found a flag on the moon. Who put it there? Who was the first person on the moon?

2.2. There was more than one mission the moon, including the Apollo 13 mission. What happened during this mission?

3. Science

3.1. We were told by Jack that the moon is very rocky. What types of rocks are on the moon?

3.2. Jack and Annie were bouncing like "moon rabbits" on the moon. What is gravity and why are we lighter on the moon than on Earth?

4. Language Arts

4.1. Jack and Annie see the moon from Earth. I wonder what phase of the moon they were looking at. What is a moon phase?

4.2. NASA workers and astronauts use different terminology for when astronauts are in space. What type of words do they use?

5. Health

5.1. We learned that there is no air on the moon. Why can't humans breathe on the moon?

5.2. In the book, there is a fact about the moon's daytime heat. Why does the moon get so hot during the day?