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1. Social

2. connecting with people around the world -Yusuf

3. It is important for me to connect with my friends on social networks- Yusuf

4. it is important for me to see more about the world on the social networks -Aisha

5. Social identity is really important because there are differences based on our ideas, our character, our political orientation and also according to our religion. A main feature of this identity differentiates us from how we relate to others-Carlos

6. Social identity can provide people with a sense of self-esteem and a framework for socializing, and it can influence their behavior. -Geoffrey

7. Social identity is really important because people need people. Relation with others is necessary for everyone. -Karolina

8. Social identity is about how we define ourselves according to the characteristics we have in our relationship with others. For example, our belief (muslim, christian, atesite, etc.), where we are from (egeli, black sea, Istanbulite, etc.), political opinion (right-wing, leftist, liberal, etc.), our profession (doctor, teacher, worker, etc), our position in society (mother, father, etc.)-Elif

9. Using social networks

10. Social identity theory aims to define and predict the conditions in which individuals think of themselves as individuals or group members. -Zeynep

11. social identity includes collective identity and indvidual identity

12. Social identification is important because it influences how people can see themselves and how they interact with others. Karina