Finding Alternate Global Energy Sources

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Finding Alternate Global Energy Sources by Mind Map: Finding Alternate Global Energy Sources

1. Causes

1.1. The limited amount of nonrenewable energy sources like fossil fuels and natural gases.

1.2. The burning of fossil fuels releasing pollutants into the environment; which has caused various environmental problems worldwide.

1.3. Studies of how the environment was affected after the primary use of coal during the Industrial Revolution.

1.4. Regulating the current renewable energy sources available.

2. Impact

2.1. Less water and air pollution

2.2. Improvements on Public Health

2.3. Less Global Emissions are present in the environment

2.4. More sources of inexhaustible energy are available

2.5. More jobs have been created from renewable resources organizations

3. Effects

3.1. The Global Environment is much cleaner based on the amount of new, Eco-friendly energy sources.

3.2. More awareness from the general audience on trying to make the world a better place.

3.3. The findings of new energy sources like Solar Energy, Nuclear Energy, Wind Power, Geothermal Energy, etc.

3.4. An increase in price due to the limited amount of energy sources.

4. Economic Effects

4.1. Companies have been trying to evolve in the business of using better energy sources; for example, some automobile companies like Volkswagen have been making electric cars or Eco-friendly cars because it is found to be a more efficient energy source and better for the environment.

4.2. Common energy sources like Petroleum are now experiencing a massive decline in production.

4.3. Promoting the production of technology to create more energy available in today's society.

4.4. Many organizations have been "adopting" sustainable energy source policies.

5. Political Views

5.1. More global leaders have been involved with finding more alternative sources of energy.

5.2. Global Leaders are also looking to make more funding into alternate energy research.

5.3. The studies of air pollution, energy sources, and water pollution have become a bigger priority to government officials and delegates.

6. Produced Technology

6.1. Solar Panels is one of the most common technological advancements that is in use today.

6.2. Wind Turbines

6.3. Solar Water Heating Collectors

6.4. Heat Pumps

7. Alternate Energy Sources

7.1. Wave Energy

7.2. Bio-fuels

7.3. Bio-mass Energy

7.4. Tidal Energy

7.5. Hydrogen Gas

8. Benefits

8.1. Generates Energy that has no production of outside emissions like smog or greenhouse gases.

8.2. The variety of energy sources get rid of the dependency on imported fuels.

8.3. Creates more jobs, installation, and more efficient production in industrial affairs.

9. Disadvantages

9.1. High Costs of these renewable energy sources

9.2. Risky in efficiency

9.3. Issues of stability in the alternative energy system