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Digital Identity by Mind Map: Digital Identity

1. You can use the digital identity for digital signature and that is like the passport.Digital identity is used by many people nowadays.Digital identity is is a profiles which we create in digital life and everything what did we do on internet.For a digital identity we need usernames , passwords , web history , date of birth , social security number-Okan

2. Data Attributes

2.1. Date of Birth

2.2. ID Numbers

2.3. Medical History

2.4. Bank Detail

3. Digital identity is a profile which people create on the net. Digital identity usually includes your name and email address, the name of the issuing organization, a serial number, and a time-out period. I think digital identity is needed for activities on the internet. - Alperen

4. Digital Identity is the data which we create and use on internet. For example your social security number, your usernames and password etc. can be digital identity of you. So digital identity is important think for us. It must be protected from potential hackers or cyber attacks. Therefore we need cyber security engineers. - Burak

4.1. Social Security Number

4.2. Date of your birthday

4.3. Usernames

4.4. Online Search History

5. Digital identity is one of the most interesting and important technological developments over the last few years. Though it has roots in finance, digital identify technology is seeing applications in other industries. Over the next few years, it’s expected that digital identity management will become a primary concern for individuals all over the world. Digital identity is a more unique way of assigning or recognizing identify, that why the importance of digital identity is growing.Usernames and passwords for all of your online accounts, your search history, social media posts, digital photographs, scanned passport images, and so on. They’re all bound to your digital identity and linked back to you.” The foundation of your digital ID is your entire, unique digital footprint on the internet and in databases. -Kostas

6. Digital trace sets

6.1. which are left on navigation

7. The concept of digital identity can be explained in this way:it is a set of information that,within given a computer system,refers to a specific person.The higher the level of complexity within the IT system,the more in-depth information will be about the person. The SPID identity is issued by the Digital identity Managers,private subjects accreditation by AGID who,in compliance with the rules issued by the Agency,provide digital identities and manage user authentication. -Giovanni V

8. As far as I am concerned, digital identity is essential in everyday lives, as is used in ways that require data about persons stored in computer systems to be linked to their civil, or national, identities. What I find interesting is that the use of digital identities are now so widespread that many discussions refer to "digital identity" as the entire collection of information generated by a person’s online activity. This includes usernames and passwords, online search activities, birth date, social security, and purchasing history. This may also be referred to as an "online identity" -ELENA

9. Digital identity is the network or Internet equivalent to the real identity of a person or entity (like a business or government agency) when used for identification in connections or transactions from PCs, cell phones or other personal devices you know about. -Eren

10. A digital identity can be an individual, organization or a single device made up from personal data and actions online. This data can be broken up into two distinct sets, Data Attributes and Account Actions and Activities. You can liken these sets to a real-life person, ‘Data Attributes’ being the person/body and ‘Actions’ are what you do and where you go. -Eren

10.1. Account Actions and Activities

10.1.1. Likes and comments on Social Media

10.1.2. Photos on Social Media

10.1.3. Forum posts

10.1.4. Search queries

10.2. Passwords

11. We live in a society driven by digital connections -- the way we bank, shop, apply for a job and even find love has moved online. Despite this, the way we prove our identity hasn't changed, still stubbornly clinging to paper and cards. This method is outdated and not secure; we reveal more personal data than necessary and ID documents can easily be lost, stolen or damaged, putting us at risk of identity theft. Furthermore, we can't be 100 per cent confident in the identities of people we meet online.A secure digital identity system lets people prove their identity without showing paper documents, confirm the identity of people they meet online, and log into websites securely without passwords. It can help strike the balance between security, privacy and convenience, and make online and offline interactions safer for both individuals and businesses. -Sophia

12. A digital identity is information on an entity used by computer systems to represent an external operator. That operator may be a person, organization, application, or device. The information contained in a digital identity allows for determination and authentication of a user interacting with a business system on the web, without the involvement of human interference. Digital identities allow our access to computers and the services they provide to be automated, and make it possible for computers to arbitrate relationships. - Stanisław

13. Digital identity is all information about a person who has Internet account. It’s all you own, share and do in the online world. For example, date of birth, login credentials, likes on Facebook or Instagram photos. -Nina

14. Nowadays digital identity is very important think. It is information on us . For example name, birth date, hobby . Patrycja

15. Digital identity is the set of content published on the internet that makes it possible to define an individual

16. Digital identity can bring a lot of problems