Media Convergence & Participatory Culture

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Media Convergence & Participatory Culture by Mind Map: Media Convergence & Participatory Culture

1. Technology

1.1. Convergence Points

1.1.1. combination of services/technologies ex: Netflix pulling from internet tech and entertainment building upon old technologies, not erasing older forms (ex: theatre) Ex: the iphone

1.2. Divergence Points

1.2.1. the proverbial tangled TV stand proliferation of more brands/modifications streaming service arms race (Hulu, Netflix, Disney +, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, etc.)

2. Popular and Political Culture

2.1. converging constantly through negotiated texts

2.1.1. hybridization- what was once political is now trivial and cultural and vice versa Donald Trump Tweets Pepsi advertisement/ socially conscious corperation

2.1.2. also includes commerce; lines increasingly blurred as audiences react to and redefine the content

3. Advertising and Content

3.1. lines increasingly blurring between the two

3.1.1. product placement so embedded in media, hard to distinguish between content and ad itself ex: instagram models wearing clothes/ being paid to go to a resort/cruise- provides content and advertising simultaneously ex: superbowl ads

3.1.2. personal brand/ social capital as site of this conflict

4. Engagement

4.1. with convergence of culture, increasing niche/ localization of viewership

4.1.1. engagement proliferates media and captures commodity of time/attention ex: participation in engagement ads on wayz multilateral approach to media- existing on multiple platforms ex: Bojack Horseman Twitter acct. ex: fan fictions/ subreddits/stans