Teenage Simulation Game

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Teenage Simulation Game by Mind Map: Teenage Simulation Game

1. Gameplay

1.1. Game mechanics

1.1.1. Karma system in play Positive When you make different choices and select different options in game, your karma is affected negatively or positively. Your karma level will have an impact on the world around you and how you progress in the game. Negative

1.2. Mini-games

1.2.1. Sports Football mini-game playable with friends or bots Basketball mini-game playable with friends or bots Chess mini-game playable with friends or bots Track and field mini-games playable with friends or bots High Jump & Long Jump 100m and 1500m races Discus & Javelin Friend & Worldwide leaderboard to compare your levels with others

1.2.2. Exams Small quizzes every now and then to act as school work Rewarded with in-game money and/or experience

1.2.3. Social Media Social media mini-games similar to YouTube Simulator Twitter & YouTube versions

1.2.4. Part-time jobs Able to work at one of three locations Cafe Library Paper round

1.3. Objectives

1.3.1. Levels 1 - 100 Special rewards at certain milestones Level 2 - Now able to change characters hair Level 5 - Able to change character's clothing Level 10 - Able to get a job Level 25 - Able to compete in mini-game tournaments Level 50 - Able to get promotions at jobs to management level Level 100 - Unlimited access to exclusive character features and also has name displayed worldwide across map Gain 5 "growth points" to add to attributes of character at every level up Attributes of character

1.4. VR Implementation

1.4.1. Game is available to play normally or in VR VR Headset required

2. People

2.1. Character customization

2.1.1. Able to change hair, clothing, body build and attributes of character. Some of these features are unlocked via levelling though.

2.2. Non-playable character (NPC) functions

2.2.1. Many NPCs roaming around (amount depends on location, for example the city will have many but the country side will have few.) Some NPCs are able to interact Shop workers People on the street can have conversations Family & friends School workers Sport workers Negative NPCs such as weapon & drug dealers

3. Game world

3.1. Locations/Maps

3.1.1. Choice of 3 locations to explore Country side Very populated city Small village/town

3.2. Night/Day aspects

3.2.1. If you have very positive karma it will automatically go to day

3.2.2. Automatically toggles between night and day every 30 minutes

3.2.3. If you have very negative karma it will automatically go to night

3.3. Seasons

3.3.1. Season changes every week in real life time Winter Summer Autumn Spring

3.3.2. Seasonal Events (same time as irl) Halloween Christmas Easter

3.4. Secret Treasure

3.4.1. Treasure released in a new location everyday

3.5. Water

3.5.1. You can swim in water for a limited amount of time Limit increases as you gain more experience

4. Game Titles

4.1. Flow

4.1.1. Shows how life "flows"

4.2. Cycle

4.2.1. Life "cycle"

4.3. TLS

4.3.1. Abbreviation for "Teenage Life Simulator"