My Philosophy of Education

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My Philosophy of Education by Mind Map: My Philosophy of Education

1. I will be teaching 8th grade Math. My goal is to inspire students to overcome the subjects they find challenging. I know most students find math to be challenging and I want to shed some light on the subject.

2. What is the role of education?

2.1. The purpose of education is to teach students about basic subject and expand their knowledge.

2.2. The role of an educator is to teach students but also provide a lesson that will spark the students interest.

2.3. The role of a students is to take an active role in their learning by interacting with other students and teachers, and coming to school ready to learn.

3. What am I going to teach?

4. Whom am I going to teach

4.1. My Classes will consist of 8th grade students.

4.2. I want to teach middle school students because they are in a transitional stage, from elementary to high school. This can be a tough time for students and I want to be someone they can count on, a support system.

4.3. I believe students learn best when they trust their teachers. When students trust their teachers they are more likely to be willing to learn and participate in class.

5. How am I going to teach?

5.1. I will be sure to state our course goals early in the year and I also make sure students know the goals and expectations for each lesson.

5.2. I believe students learn best when they can connect the course material through conversations and visualizations. Math contains many visualizations,especially when explaining an equation step by step. I plan to use many visuals to engage students with videos, images, and a camera doc. I will also incorporate class discussions on how we can solve a math problem.

5.3. I plan to assess my students in between lessons by providing a quiz and after every chapter with a test.This will help me as their teacher to know what material they understand and provide some extra help if they are falling behind.