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Cinema by Mind Map: Cinema

1. Types of Films

1.1. a thriller

1.1.1. a film that makes you thrilled триллер

1.2. western

1.2.1. A film about cowboys and life in the Wild West вестерн

1.3. a crime film

1.3.1. a film about criminals and detectives детектив

1.4. an action film

1.4.1. a film with a lot of fights боевик

1.5. a horror film

1.5.1. a film in which terrible and frightening things happen ужасы

1.6. a comedy

1.6.1. a film that tries to make the audience laugh комедия

1.7. a misical

1.7.1. A film with lots of music and dance. мюзикл

2. Making a Movie

2.1. film script

2.1.1. the written words of film сценарий фильма

2.2. casting

2.2.1. the process of choosing people to act in a film подбор актеров

2.3. extras

2.3.1. someone who has a very small part in a film, for example as a member of a crowd актеры массовки

2.4. screen test

2.4.1. an occasion when an actor performs in front of the cameras to try to get a part in a new film пробы на роль

2.5. Action!

2.5.1. the events that form part of a play or film Мотор!

2.6. Cut!

2.6.1. to move quickly from one scene of a film to another Снято!

3. Crew

3.1. cast

3.1.1. o choose a performer for a particular part or for a particular type of part in a film актерский состав

3.2. director

3.2.1. someone who is in charge of making a film or programme, or getting a play ready for performance, especially by telling the actors and technical staff what to do режиссер

3.3. scriptwriter

3.3.1. someone whose job is to write scripts for films сценарист

3.4. cameraman

3.4.1. who operates a camera for making films or television programmes оператор

3.5. film editor

3.5.1. a video editor edits raw video or film footage for all types of projects such as tv shows, commercials, films, and even internet-based media. монтажер

3.6. stunt

3.6.1. something dangerous, for example jumping from a building, that is done to entertain people, often as part of a film каскадер

4. Movie review

4.1. action-packed

4.1.1. full of activity or exciting events насыщенный событиями

4.2. atrocious

4.2.1. very evil or cruel ужасный, отвратительный

4.3. breathtaking

4.3.1. extremely impressive or beautiful захватывающий

4.4. hard-hitting

4.4.1. making criticisms in a very strong, honest, and direct way. This word usually shows that you approve of this type of criticism. энергичный

4.5. heart-warming

4.5.1. making you feel happy, usually because other people are being kind сердечный, милый

4.6. far-fetched

4.6.1. difficult to believe because it is very unlikely придуманный

4.7. spine-chilling

4.7.1. a spine-chilling story, book, film etc is very frightening жуткий, страшный