How to be environmentally friendly? - vocabulary

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How to be environmentally friendly? - vocabulary by Mind Map: How to be environmentally friendly? - vocabulary

1. purchasing only needed clothes

2. Public transport

3. Electric car

4. Scooter

5. Biking

6. How to fit two years of trash in a mason jar? How To Fit Two Years Of Trash In A Mason Jar | shift | msnbc

6.1. Tips for beginners:

6.1.1. Environmentally friendly kitchen

6.1.2. -take lunch in reusable bags

6.1.3. -use cotton towels

6.1.4. -bamboo utensils

6.1.5. -no plastic storage

6.1.6. -compost

6.1.7. -bring own bag to the store

6.1.8. -don't buy packaged food

7. Documentary about the effects of fast fashion:'The True Cost' - Official Trailer

8. The drawbacks of fast fashion

8.1. How to shop sustainably

9. Sustainable transport:

10. Vocabulary regarding fast fashion

10.1. sustainable

10.1.1. fast fashion ethical material

11. Vocabulary regarding the topic 'zero waste'

11.1. trash

11.1.1. rubbish waste single-use plastic

12. Vocabulary regarding sustainable transport

12.1. bicycle

12.1.1. public transport scooter electric

13. Tips for avoiding fast fashion

13.1. thriftshopping

13.2. buy clothes from sustainable brands

13.3. don't be afraid to spend more on quality items (they will last longer)

13.4. think before you throw away your old clothes: donate, sell

13.5. put old clothes that you can't donate or sell in textile recycling bins

13.6. don't wash multi-use pieces of clothing after one wear