Comparative and historical linguistics

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Comparative and historical linguistics by Mind Map: Comparative and historical linguistics

1. treated as a single discipline

1.1. differ with respect to their goals and methods

2. to discover the features they share

3. Languages principles

3.1. genetic

3.2. typological

3.3. areal

4. Historical linguistics

4.1. study of language change and development

5. Comparative linguistics

5.1. reveals common and different phonetical, morphological, lexical and syntactic features

5.2. may be compared sinchronically and diachronically

6. Metalanguage

6.1. talking about language itself

7. The etalon language

7.1. a hypothetical language created for the sake of contrasting languages

8. World language

8.1. language spread throught the world

9. Features

9.1. Allomorphic

9.2. Isomorphic

10. Isolating language

10.1. language in which each word form consists of a single morpheme

11. Agglutinating language

11.1. language in which one word element may represent several grammatical categories